Role of Corrado in Projects

Corrado acts as a single window clearance for the promoters. Following activities are undertaken by Corrado.

CONCEPTUALIZATION: Developing the idea of creating the product which could fetch goodwill for the project and the promoters.
APPOINTMENT OF ARCHITECT: A few names of architects would be recommended to promoters and then finally one of them may be appointed in consultation with the promoters.
PLANNING: Complete layout plan of the project as a whole and detailed layout of one unit would be designed with the architect and would be submitted to the promoters for their go ahead.
PROJECT REPORT: Project report would be prepared which would depict the revenue & cost of the project. It will categorically depict the means of finances as well, to assist promoters to plan the finances.
APPOINTMENT OF CONTRACTOR: A few contractors would be recommended to promoters and appointment would be done in consultation with the promoters.
MARKETING MATERIAL: Designing and printing of marketing material like broachers, banners, kiosks, standees, fliers etc.
UNDERWRITING: Corrado will arrange a few underwriters for the project and finally would be awarded as per the decision of promoters. This will ensure the flow of cash in the business and promoters may expect the smooth execution of the project.
MARKETING & SALE: If promoters decide not to sell the project by way of underwriting, then Corrado may undertake the onus of marketing & selling the project.
COORDINATION: Corrado will coordinate with all the consultants and the contractor.
MIS (MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM): Corrado will develop the effective MIS and would be sent to promoters periodically. That periodicity may be fixed by the promoters. Corrado will ensure the effective reporting system which will enable promoters to take decisions. MIS will depict the clear picture of the site. It will reflect targets vis a vis the achievements, variances and their reasons, both in terms of quantity & finances. Endeavour would be to make the MIS so effective that Promoters could be well updated even they are off the site.
PROCUREMENT: Corrado will step into the shoes of the promoters and do the procurement. Alternatives of the products & services would be suggested & discussed with the promoters. Quotations would be invited , negotiations would be done, comparative statements would be prepared and then final order would be placed on the basis of go ahead by promoters.
SUPERVISION: Actual execution would be closely supervised by professional persons to ensure minimum variation between the planning, designing & actual.
POSSESSION: Smooth handing over and possession would be ensured to the occupants.
FINANCE FACILITY FOR CUSTOMERS: Finance would be made available to customers from bank/financial institutions. This enhances the credibility of the project.
COLLECTION: Corrado will ensure the timely follow up & collection of payments from the customers.